Capital Projects

Build a Bench: Aldo Leopold, the author of "Sand Count Almanac", a very influential conservation book, designed a simple two person bench made from 2x6's for bird watchers and nature lovers to move around and place in locations where they can enjoy a view. Individuals and groups are needed to cut out and build these benches. The goal is to make 100. Group Size 1-30

Decks:  The health center needs a deck and benches to better serve the campers who visit the nurse each day. The arts & crafts building needs a deck under the covered porch to assist with the programming of the campers. These are fun and rewarding projects that encourage the use of power tools and hammers. Group Size 5-20

Interpretative Signage: YMCA Camp Lincoln has excelled at teaching school groups Environmental Education.  We would, however, like to extend this knowledge to everyone who visits our beautiful piece of property.  Individuals with knowledge of our natural surroundings are being sought to help design and build interpretive signs throughout camp. Group Size 1-15

Landscaping Camp Entrance: Volunteers are needed to design and landscape the camp entrance. The sky is the limit and the type of work will depend on the design and the volunteers. Group Size 1-15

Playground Relocation and Modification: In an effort to move our playground to a more accessible section of camp, we need to dismantle and rebuild all of our structures. This project involves some site prep and labor to move and reconstruct the playground.  Modifications and improvements will be made based on need and layout of new site. Group Size 15-20

Rebuild Our Infield:  A grounds crew is needed to reshape Hobbs Field, the main sports field at Camp. This is a perfect bonding opportunity for a group of young adults, a department at work, or a sports team. Group Size 10-40

Stairs To The Amphitheater: Camp has two beautiful amphitheaters that are used each day by hundreds of children.  Stairs are needed to help move traffic safely in and out of these spaces. The new design is durable and aesthetically pleasing. This is an ideal project for a large group. Group Size 20-60

Trail Maintenance and Marking:  Camp's 70-acre property has an established trail network that needs to be maintained and properly marked. Future trails need to be cut and built under the leadership of the camp staff. This is an ideal project for a variety of groups. Group Size 5-100

To volunteer for these projects or to suggest others, please contact Jeff Gleason, Camp Lincoln Director at (603) 642-3361 or

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