Y-Arts Youth Classes

Y-Arts Youth are enrichment classes to introduce children grades K-5 to foundational art techniques. Each class is $72 for the six-week session; for clay classes, add $15 materials fee.

All classes meet 6 times per session on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays from 4:00-5:00p.m.  Make-up classes will be offered for classes cancelled due to weather.

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Y-Arts Enrollment for Session 4   (see class details below)


Session 4

Tuesday, March 4 - week of April 1- CANCELED

This is a 5 week session.  The entire cost is $60 for the session - just choose your class!  Ceramics/Clay classes add $15 materials fee.  If the YMCA cancels a class due to weather, we will offer make up classes the week of April 7.

Tuesdays: Ceramics Class (Clay) Level 1: Getting to Know Clay

Students will learn methods like coil, pinch, and slab working to create projects that help them understand the basics of working with clay.  Next, the students will get a chance to throw on the wheel, learning to center, open, and pull up a small cup form.   Once the pieces are dried and fired once, the students will paint their ceramics using colored glazes.  The pieces will then be fired once more before they are ready to go home.

Wednesdays: Ceramics Class (Clay) Level 2

Students with previous ceramics experience will continue their use of the wheel. The students will also create larger hand-built projects. They will also get the opportunity to combine hand-built pieces with their wheel-thrown pieces. All pieces will be decorated and glazed.

*NEW CLASS*  Thursdays: Pop! Art Inspired by Life

An American Flag, Elvis Presley, and a jumble of squiggly lines.  All subjects for art that sold for over $100,000,000.  What inspired artists like Warhol, Max, Oldenburg, Johns, Pollack, and Thiebaud?  Their ideas came from everyday objects around them.  These artists made groundbreaking art history by being part of the Pop Art movement - showing the world that even a banana can become a classic art piece.  

We too will be energized to create art by looking at the world around us.  The students will be drawing, painting, printmaking, and using other methods akin to collage to create their masterpiece.  Please join us as we go on an exciting art-making journey, delving head first into Pop Art! 

Session 5

May 6 - week of June 10

This is a 6 week session.  The entire cost is $72 for the session - just choose your class!  Ceramics/Clay class add $15 materials fee. All classes will run based on enrollment. 

Tuesdays: Ceramics/Clay for all levels!

In this class students of all levels will be honing their skills at hand-building and using the wheel.  Projects will be based on the students skill level.  Repeat students will get to try new projects, while new students will be introduced to clay.  All projects will be glazed and fired for you to take home!



If you have any questions you can e-mail y-arts@sdymca.org 

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