Camp Lincoln Summer Camp

Specialty camps are opportunities for campers to be elbow-deep and both feet in. Offered on-site and off-site, programs dive in to the camps theme and explore new talents, refine skills and develop passions.

Mountain Bikers at Specialty Camp


On-Site Specialty Camps

Campers entering grades 4 to 7
Cost: $460

On-site specialty camps allow campers to focus on one area of interest for half of each day. The rest of the day is filled with each camper’s selection from our traditional camp activities.

Session 2
June 29 to July 10 
Magic Cards
Mountain Biking

Session 3
July 13 to 24 
Duct Tape
Fort Building

Session 4
July 27 to August 7 
Jewelry Art
Water World

Session 5
August 10 to 21
Adventure Challenge
Jewelry Art
Monster Creations
Movie Production
Mountain Biking

See below for detailed descriptions of our on-site specialty camps. 

Horse back riding at Specialty Camp


Off-Site Specialty Camps

Campers entering grades 5 to 8
Cost: $535

Off-site specialty camps broaden camper experiences beyond YMCA Camp Lincoln. Campers travel by bus from Camp Lincoln to work with our trusted program partners. Camp counselors are always with the group. Back at camp, the remainder of the day is filled with traditional camp activities.

Session 2
June 29 to July 10 
Horse Camp 1
Adventure 101

Session 3
July 13 to 24 
Horse Camp 2
Golf 1

Session 4
July 27 to August 7 
Horse Camp 3
Adventure 101

Session 5
August 10 to 21
Horse Camp 4
Golf 2

See below for detailed descriptions of our off-site specialty camps.


On-Site Specialty Camp Descriptions

ADVENTURE CHALLENGE: NEW IN 2015 - Use creativity, problem solving and teamwork to meet daily challenges. Whether using the challenge course, high ropes or creating your own group challenges in the woods, this camp is sure to be puzzling, challenging, and fun.

ARCHERY: Robin Hood. Head to “Sherwood Forest” and refine your arrow shooting skills. Learn all parts of the bow and arrow, how to straighten your shots and how hit the balloons full of shaving cream.

COOKING: All skills are in preparation for the final feast for your family during Family Night. All recipes consider healthy alternatives and will be yummy. Samples will probably not make it home. Campers customize aprons and take-home cook books. Learn safe knife handling and food preparation.

DUCT TAPE: NEW IN 2015 - Create wallets, bracelets, hammocks, hats and more with duct tape – imagine the possibilities!

FISHING: From docks and boats, learn to fish with rods and reels. Kingston Lake has lots of fish and we are bound to catch them all. Using catch and release, we will learn water ecology and how to help support healthy fish habitats.

FORT BUILDING: Using creativity and teamwork, craft grand structures with twine and natural products. The woods around camp are transformed into a well enforced kingdom.

JEWELRY ART: Make wearable pieces from copper, leather and macramé. Learn from our resident jeweler how to shape metals and incorporate textiles to create fashionable, long lasting jewelry.

MAGIC CARDS: Get to know the role-playing card game of Magic. Play with camp’s decks, or bring your own winning deck. Campers are responsible for their own decks with the help of the counselors for this camp. Every camper in this program will go home with their own, new deck..

MONSTER CREATIONS: NEW IN 2015 - Create the monster of your dreams using coat hangers, paper mache and paint. Your imagination can run wild.

MOUNTAIN BIKING: Explore local trails using safe cycling techniques and learn bike maintenance. This popular camp always comes back to camp sweaty, muddy and full of adventurous tales. Campers use camp’s bikes and there are helmets to share.

MOVIE PRODUCTION: Write script, roll “film”, act and direct. The final production debuts on Family Night. Using iPads and other mobile technology, campers are their own producers and actors.

POTTERY: Learn how to make pottery – use a potter’s wheel, apply glazes and complete your projects in our on-site kiln. Explore unique methods to create functional and durable art.

SPORTS: Play new games, traditional games, made-up games and sports not yet named. Campers use the fields, waterfront and woods to play, play, play.

SURVIVOR: Learn to tie knots, build shelters and start fires. Spend a night in a shelter and cook over an open fire. Campers can sleep in their emergency shelters during the Family Night Overnight.

THEATRE: NEW IN 2015 - Do skits and play theatre games. Campers perform a show for Family Night! Work with our resident thespian to learn how to present yourself on stage with grace, panache, humor and presence.

WATER WORLD: Spend time in kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and row boats learning about the lake and healthy ecosystems.

WOODWORKING: Learn how to safely use hand and power tools to create a final project. Staff work with the campers to create projects such as tool boxes, bird houses, lawn ornaments and coat hangers.



Off-Site Specialty Camp Descriptions

ADVENTURE 101: Campers spend all day in pursuit of adventure. Whether heading up to the fire tower at Pawtuckaway State Park, or riding waves at the beach, campers are involved in pursuing adventure every day. Final itineraries will be sent home on the first day of the session for planning purposes. Campers are expected to show-up to camp everyday ready for the adventure at hand.

GOLF: Head to the Exeter Country Club to learn how to add power to your drives and finesse to your puts. Golfers of all abilities are welcome. The only things required for this program are collared shirts, good attitudes and a sense of camaraderie. Clubs can be supplied by Camp Lincoln, if needed. Half of the day is spent at the club and the rest of the day is spent at Camp Lincoln participating in traditional camp activities.

HORSE CAMP: Campers head to local stables daily to learn about horsemanship. At the barn, stable staff will lead instruction in riding, tacking, horse care and crafts. Camp Lincoln staff ensures campers remain involved and help enforce safety rules at the stables. The remainder of the day will be filled with traditional camp activities.

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