Camp Lincoln Summer Camp

On-Site Specialty Camps

Grades:   4th – 7th

Specialty Camps are two week sessions

On-Site Specialty Camps offer campers an opportunity to focus on a particular interest and passion.   Campers will spend half of their day at the specialized area and choose one or two Traditional Day Camp Skill Classes to fill their day.

Examples of past On-Site Specialty Camps include:

MAGICIAN'S ACADEMY - Magician's Academy is for campers who want the opportunity to have their imagination come alive and learn how to "bend the laws of reality" through the use of magic.  From card tricks to mind reading - even proper stage presence - everything can be magical.  During the session, campers will build self-confidence and learn that with enough practice, magic is possible.  Taught by our in-house magician, this camp is bound to be magical!

COOKING - Campers will learn the basic of cooking healthy foods.  Throughout the session, skills will be taught with a final culmination of dinner for families during Family Night.  Safe knife handling, pealing potatoes, mixing, blending and sauteeing are all skills campers go home with.

JEWELRY CREATION - Copper enameling, leather work and macrame.  Campers will use refined skills to create wearable pieces of jewelry or other functional art.  Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and belts are only a few examples of what may be created this summer.

SURVIVOR - Tying knots, building shelters and starting fires with wet tinder are all skills taught in this camp.  Campers will have the opportunity to spend a night in their shelter and cook their breakfast over an open fire.

MOUNTAIN BIKING - Exploring local trails, learning bike maintenance and applying safe biking techniques are all accomplished in this program.  Whether using one of camp's bikes or their own, campers ride every day and also learn about upkeep and maintenance.

ADVENTURE FISHING - Get out and fish!  Adventure fishing begins on the docks and quickly move around the lake in boats.  These campers get great opportunities to find the big fish in Kingston Lake.  Learn how to fish with drop rods, reels and fly casting.

MOVIE PRODUCTION - Check out last years clip!  Be apart of another great creation.  Write script, roll "film", act, direct.  There is a roll for everyone in putting these films together.

SPORTS - Run, jump, throw, catch!  Sports are played everyday.  Introductions will be made to new games and traditional games will be played.  Campers will have opportunities to create their own games and create rules to mix-up traditional fields.

FORT BUILDING - Campers head in to the woods with twine and natural products.  Friendly competitions are had to create unique and grand structures.  Families have opportunities to see the creations during Family Night.

MAGIC CARDS - Diving in to the realm of role playing, the game of Magic Cards is taught by knowledgeable and experienced staff.  Campers do not need to bring their own Magic Card decks - camp has decks to loan.  Creation of individual cards is an entertaining activity to see how they stand up to well-played characters.

JOURNALISM - Campers will explore journalism in many of its forms - radio, blogging, print.  Throughout the session, campers will explore media and broadcast over Camp Lincoln's radio station WCLR, update the organizations blog, and print the weekly camp journal.  Everyone has a role in production.

POTTERY - Spinning clay on the wheel, applying glazes and firing projects in the kiln are activities common in this program.  Campers work with different clays, explore unique techniques and bring home works of art.

MAD SCIENCE - Explore the world of science through fun experiments.  Whether creating volcanoes, blowing bubbles through wood, or creating goo, campers will come home with stories to share.

WATER WORLD - Camp Lincoln is on a great lake.  Campers will spend time in kayaks and canoes, paddle boards, and rowing the old boats.  Campers will learn about the natural history of the lake and meet with volunteers from the Kingston Lake Association to learn about maintaining a healthy lake.  This Specialty Camp is wet, fun, educational, wet and fun!

WOODWORKING - Head to the woodshop and learn how to safely use hand tools and power tools.  Final, take home projects may include a bench, tool box, wall shelf, or folding table.  Campers learn the value of sandpaper, glue and nails.

BUILDING BLOCKS - We can not legally call it "Lego Camp."  But... that is what campers use to create structures that are unique, architecturally revealing and fun.  Thousands of "building blocks" are waiting to be created with.

ARCHERY - Robin Hood has nothing on this camp!  Campers will learn safe shooting techniques and will have time to refine their technique.  Unique targets will be created to be placed down-range.  Staff members trained in the art will help archers of all abilities excel.


Off-Site Specialty Camps

Grades:   5th – 8th         

Specialty Camps are two-week sessions

These off-site programs provide the opportunity to travel away from Camp for half of the day and gain expertise in a specific area. The second half of your day is spent in Camp participating in Traditional Camp activities. Check out our website for more specific details on each program.

Examples of past On-Site Specialty Camps include:

Horse Camp  - Campers will head to Verrill Stables in Danville every morning to learn about horsemanship. In the afternoon, campers will be back at Camp Lincoln to participate in traditional camp activities.  At the barn, stable staff will lead instruction in riding, tacking, care of horses and crafts. Camp Lincoln staff ensures campers remain involved and help enforce safety rules at the stables.  Check out Verrill Stables for more information.  Please address questions to Camp Lincoln.

Adventure 101 - Campers will spend all day in pursuit of adventure.  Whether heading up to the fire tower at Pawtuckaway State Park, or riding waves at the beach, campers will be involved in pursuing adventure every day.  Final itineraries will be sent home before the session for planning purposes.  Campers are expected to show-up to camp everyday ready for the adventure at hand.

Golf - Head to the Exeter Country Club to lean how to add power to your drives and finesse to your puts. Golfers of all abilities are invited.  The only things required for this program are collared shirts, good attitudes and a sense of camaraderie.  Clubs can be supplied by Camp Lincoln.  Half of the day is spent at the club and the rest of the day is spent at Camp Lincoln participating in traditional camp activities.  Check out Exeter Country Club for more details.  Direct questions about this program to Camp Lincoln.

Sports Galore - Basketball.  Softball.  Ga-Ga.  Swimming.  Soccer.  Participate in this camp if you like to play sports.  Each day will have a focus on a different sport with time for group choice.  Traditional and creative sports will be played, while rules and finer points of the game are taught.

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